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Why Choose Us

We pledge to provide the highest standard of transportation services
We actively take the initiative to meet your overall requirements
Professionally trained, well-groomed, uniformed driving team
Insured coverage and able to offer client protection against exposure to liabilities
Agreeable service terms and price quotes in writing


Dependable and Hassle Free Service
Total Quality Management
Trained & Professional Drivers
Totally Insured, Safe & Secure
24/7 Breakdown Service
Multilingual Workforce
Brand New Fleet


and Hassle Free Service

Imperial Transport understands that punctuality is essential for your organization and our professional and experienced driver’s are trained to transport your staff safely and on time. We have a 24/7 Breakdown Recovery service and Replacement Scheme to make sure that passengers reach safely on time.


Quality Management

All your transportation needs and will be fully managed by us and we will also provide you with a single contact person assigned to your requirement for resolving all your concerns and grievances swiftly. We will work to ensure that each request is addressed & implemented suitably.


& Professional Drivers

All our drivers are part of a trained and professional team who arrive in their impressive Imperial Transport uniform while on duty. We can proudly and clearly state this as each of them has completed their training from our professional trainers and have also completed their course on Defensive Driving.

Totally Insured

Safe & Secure

The bus, driver, passengers and the whole journey is fully covered under insurance, ensuring that your organization would get a professional & efficient transportation service while minimizing the risk. Our drivers have maintained an excellent safety record further enhancing the training program’s capability to perform and achieve a no-accident rate.